Apr 23rd, 16:34pm
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Hello!Just wanted to say that I really love your blog!and your theme omg and your drawings <333 Just Perfect!! Btw do you have a deviantart?:D

actually yeah i do but it has all the same drawings on it and no one even comments on them on there so who CARES (oh yes and THANK YOU very much u are too kind)

Apr 23rd, 16:32pm
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can you do a tutorial on post/18410840342

too much WORK

Apr 23rd, 16:27pm
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Hi would you mind reblogging and liking the latest photo of me on my blog, it'd honestly mean the world to me, thank you so much<3:$ I swear that if you reblog and like it I will like 5 of your photos, peace out, xoxo<3

who are u

Apr 23rd, 16:22pm
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where is this from? yohohoandabottleofrum(.)tumblr(.)com/post/17447166580

oh god i don’t even remember i probably just found it in some obscure documentary on youtube

Apr 23rd, 16:21pm
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#why doesnt it ALERT me god 

i just realized i have a ton of asks i dont even know how old they are but i’ll answer them

Apr 20th, 9:19am
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this is great

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Apr 16th, 16:42pm
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so i used to watch the walking dead

but then i watched breaking bad and now i just cant watch anything

cuz now i know what great acting and writing IS and the walking dead is just emBARRASING

shut up mary shut up!